Jan Mayen Maps

Jan Mayen is an isolated island in the northern Atlantic, lying between 70-72° North and 8-9° West, about 550 kilometers northeast of Iceland and 500 kilometers east of Greenland. It is entirely uninhabited, but it was the destination for the Austro-Hungarian contribution to the First International Polar Year (1882-1883). I discuss the history of its cartography in “Void into Meaning: Geophysics and ‘Imperial’ Cartography in the Far North, in Holt Meyer, Susanna Rau & Katharina Waldner, eds., SpatioTemporality: Practices – Concepts – Media (De Gruyter, forthcoming in 2016). Below you can find the maps I talk about:



Johann Blaeu, “Insula Qvæ Ioanne Mayen nomen sortita est” (c. 1670)

Jan Mayen 1878

Henrik Mohn & C. Wille, “Originalkarte von Jan Mayen nach Zorgdrager,Scoresby und der Aufnahme der Norwegischen Nordmeer-Expedition,” in Petermann’s Geographische Mittheilungen 24 (1878), Table 13.


Adolf Bóbrik von Boldva, “Jan Mayen nach der Aufnahme der österreich. arct. Beobachtungsstation,” in Kaiserliche Akademie der Wissenschaften, ed. Die internationale Polarforschung 1882-1883. Die österreichische Polarstation Jan Mayen (Vienna: kaiserlich-königliche Staatsdruckerei, 1886). Photograph by the author.


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